Reading session by the Orchestre de l'Université de Montréal (OUM) on January 9th 2017 in Montreal, QC, Canada

Conductor, Lori Antounian

An improvisation I did on July 22nd 2017 in Waterville, ME, USA

Reading session by the Atlantic Music Festival Orchestra on July 8th 2017

in Waterville, ME, USA

Conductor, Benjamin Firer

Interpreted as part of the Montreal Contemporary Music Lab on June 3rd 2016 in Montreal, QC, Canada

 Émilie Fortin - trumpet

 Kevin Flynn – cello

Interpreted by David Therrien Brongo on April 6th 2016 in Montreal, QC, Canada

Interpreted by the Contemporary Ensemble of the Atlantic Music Festival on July 9th 2017 in Waterville, ME, USA

Rachal Beetz - flute

Ford Fourqurean - clarinet

Hannah Ji - violon

Jennifer Bewerse - cello

Chris Herman - percussion

Interpreted by the ensemble of CéCo on March 3rd 2016 in Montreal, QC, Canada


Interpreted by Isabelle Gagnon on November 25th 2015 in Montreal, QC, Canada


(   ), string quartet - Bozzini quartet,
Performed on June 6th 2014, in Vancouver, BC, Canada


Spirits of the Dead, choir - Choeur de la SCM, conductor - Pascal Germain Berardi, poem by Edgar Allan Poe
Performed on November 15th 2015, in Montreal, QC, Canada


Cl O Ches, flute - Sara Page, piano - Maxime Daigneault


Improvisation, piano - Maxime Daigneault


Crash, Acousmatic piece 


Scaphandre, Acousmatic piece 


Portal, Acousmatic piece