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To Arakmi and Beyond

Once Arakmi has been built. The foundation has been set. I have found a place in which to grow,  to expand in the most convoluted patterns of evolution, leaving trails upon this dazzling infinite fields of resonance. The trails from which to learn from my past actions and orient the next. It is upon this place that I initiate the next cycle of my ascension. Grounding myself in the air, twirling like a supernova I was once part of.  The current runs deep when the entanglement is authentic and the connexion aknowledged to unleash maximum potentials.

About Me

Maxime Daigneault is a creator, composer, vocalist, movement artist, ritualist, percussionist and educator based in Tiohtià:ke | Montreal in Canada. In his project, he seeks to the spiritual, rational and emotional to construct symbolic meanings that are deployed through multiple perceptual modalities. By developing a clear and profound intention for a work, Maxime enters in a state of inquiry. By surrendering to forces at play, he can overcome his current habits and venture into novel patterns that are required to create the desired form his project is asking for. His research has led him to alternate between states of heightened awareness, altered states of consciousness, lucidity, confusion and dreaming. In these states, he nurtures his connection with the unnamed and the invisible.

Sound is an embodied experience and music is rooted in time and space. From written
music to graphic scores, text-based instructions, improvisations, orality, memory to hand
choreography, he has developed a versatility in articulating sound idioms through the medium
which is the most impactful. This fluency across media reinforces his adaptability to serve the
context of collaboration he partakes in. He also began to work with symbols, movement, space
and light. His interest in cognition, processes and the brain fuel his desire to constantly evolve
his capability of transmitting his thinking to others as well as forging his artistic identity across
multiple disciplines.

With a keen interest in the human experience, Maxime values collaboration and
communication with his collaborators. The relationship amongst them is needed for the proper
intention to be manifest in the project undertaken. He knows that an active engagement within
his community provides its members with the tools necessary to appreciate and make arts on a
deeper and personal level. He is also an advocator for the democratization of arts. From being a
teacher and workshop facilitator to a radio presenter, Maxime has been involved in various
education projects through organisations such as Youth Fusion, Orchestre Symphonique de
Montreal (OSM) and Pulsar (CISM). His artistic projects have been presented by the Oh My
Ears Festival, the UNK New Music Festival, The Walters Art Museum and the Baltimore
Theatre Project

Important teachers and mentors that have helped him shaped his creative voice includes
Michael Hersch, Tony Arnold, Shawn Mativetsky, Mariana Marcassa, Du Yun and Jean-
François Daignault. Maxime holds an M.M from the Peabody Institute of the John Hopkins
University in Baltimore, Maryland.

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