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À haute voix: Arakmi

Ritual of manifestation

The time has come. Come celebrate and share this evening with us. I invite you to Arakmi, my place, my vibratory universe to participate in a great ritual. Immersed in an installation of suspended art objects and enveloped by the sound of my voice spatialized by the ESSAIM interactive loudspeaker system of the Audiotopie coop, I will reveal myself to you in a playground of my own image.

Arakmi is welcomed at the White Wall Studio. Three zones will be set up for you, the audience, to participate in this experience. An area with bean bags, an area with special edition Arakmi cushions and an area dedicated to exploration through movement. So, you can choose how you want to accompany me in this space. The adventure will last two hours..

This ritual will mark the launch of my album, as well as my book, both entitled "À haute voix: Arakmi". These entities contain within them the fruit of my investigations undertaken from the end of 2019 to today in order to bring to the surface the center of my identity, my multiple identities, as well as the dialogue I maintain with the invisible. An exhibition will be set up to give you more information on the processes that animated me in the crossing of this cycle of my evolution.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Maxime Daigneault

P.S.: This will be my birthday. I will be 33 years old. Let's celebrate!



Arakmi: a work for solo voice entering into a dialogue with the forces that run through us to anchor the body in the spiritual.

I. Vortex - je suis temps [62 min]

II. Vaisseau - je suis espace [19 min]

III. Nuer - je suis couleurs [9 min]

IV. Qualités - je suis processus[11 min]

V.  Ondes - je suis [12 min]



Objects I will work with in the ritual: rope, scepter, crystal ball, poi, scarves, water bowls and hands.

Other entities I will interact with: videos and experimental lights.

Photosensitivity/epilepsy warning: the ritual will involve bright lights and rapid light changes/flashing.

Oral instructions will be shared with the audience at the beginning of the ritual. They will be in French and English.

Special attention will be paid to the volume of the soundtracks played in the ESSAIM. If necessary, earplugs will be made available.



The White Wall Studio is located at the top of a staircase.

ZONES for the public:

Zone I - with beans bags for comfort

Zone II - with Arakmi special edition cushions

Zone III - dedicated to body exploration

Some chairs will also be available. If you wish, you may bring a blanket, cushion, fidget toy or any other item needed for comfort.

You will be free to move around and interact with the environment throughout the ritual.



Regular | $15

Patron | $25

Please fill out the following form to reserve your tickets:

If you pay for your ticket at the White Wall Studio on the night of the concert, you can pay by cash or Interac e-Transfer.



Maxime Daigneault | master of ceremonies

Véronique Girard | firefly and sound fairy in space

Francis St-Germain | space keeper

Stefania Skoryna | external eye

Linda Morriset | costume

Stéphane Crête | coaching in ritual practice

Valaquia studio | photography

Audiotopie | ESSAIM interactive speaker system

Sarah Shin | recording and mixing

Jeunes Volontaires | partners for the recording of the album

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